Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I recently picked up the new Flea Market Style Magazine and have since had my nose buried in its pages! The pages are dog-eared and crinkled! I can't get enough of those banged-up treasures and the way they're used to make a house a home. Talk about inspiration!

Over the long weekend in May we headed north to visit our family...inspired by the magazine I was determined to find some garage sales (Sadly in our neck of the woods, the flea markets in the magazines don't exist - enter 'the garage sale'!) and walk away with treasure of my very own. My son and I drove around town on a chilly, rainy Saturday and much to my dislike, we did not find a single garage sale...nope, not even one. Was I bummed...then Kieran reminded me that we had passed a sign on our way in to town advertising a garage sale on a farm, just off the highway. Away we heart all a flitter! We drove up the home and couldn't tell if the sale was still on or not. We drove past, straining to see if there were other vehicles in the yard...we decided to drive on in ~ what was the worst thing that could happen?

When we stepped out of the car I knew I had found my own little piece of Heaven! A red barn filled with junk and treasures. A bunk-house filled with antiques. We looked and dug and dug some more and then struck up a conversation with the owners...we talk about all things old, about taking a step back and making sure our children know the meaning of caring and hard work. It was an hour and a half later when we decided we should be on our way. I left with a van full of goodies and a warm heart. Oh how I wish I had brought my camera time!
For $2 I got a complete set of four snack sets.

For $3 I purchased these J & G Meakin and Wood's Ivory Ware plates, saucers, platter and creamer. Add $1 for the cast-iron Sears Roebuck thingy! (I think it's from an old sewing machine.)
The vintage highchair I purchased for $4 stayed at my in-laws for a little TLC!

Now the fun begins...where to put all my treasures, how to use them, how to repurpose those they replace...

Of course, I revisited the Flea Market Style magazine for inspiration - and inspiration is what I found!
When I saw this on page 46 I knew I had found my first project!
I set to work arranging fragile Meakin plates and saucers atop less than sturdy teacups! Only a few itty-bitty cupcakes met their end during this process! After a bit of arranging, standing back, rearranging...I had created my own vintage-style cake stand.
The fun has just begun...thanks for the inspiration Flea Market Style!

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