Friday, June 18, 2010

A Fresh Coat

I was visiting over at Life in the Fun Lane and noticed their new feature: Fresh Coat Fridays. That discovery motivated me to complete a project I've been thinking about for a while.

I grew up on a farm in northern Alberta...and on that farm there still stands (leans may be a better word) to this day, an old, very old barn! At one time I'm sure it was a picture of beauty with it's barn red paint and crisp white trim. It's paint has chipped and worn away and it tells a thousand farmyard stories.
A few years back, my husband and I took some pieces of barn-wood and made them into frames; big ones, and small ones, frames for mirrors and frames for chalkboards! A collection of them hangs above another of my favourite possessions ~ my church bench.

Lately I've felt like those frames have been looking tired and uninspired. Each time I walk by them I think, I should freshen those up! And freshen them up I did!

I reached into my store of mostly-used paint and found a white paint that would do just fine! I spent only a few minutes dry-brushing and tada...

They seem more fresh while maintaining that 'old barn-wood charm'!
I left the red one alone...for now!

As I walk past each day, I'll decide whether or not they need more freshening up! But for now...they're perfect!



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