Sunday, May 9, 2010

All is well...

At the Kindy Mother's Day tea two students read What Moms Can't Do by: Douglas Wood. Outside the context of a Mother's Day Tea it would just have been a cute little book...but read during the 'tea' it was touching! Take a peek for yourself here...or read these excerpts to see what I mean...

There are lots of things that regular people can do, but moms can't.

Moms can't wait to wake kids up in the morning.

When they watch movies, they need protection from the scary parts, and they can't sit very long without someone on their lap.

Moms also can't let go of a hug without a kiss. Or two. Or nine.

No wonder they need someone to look after them, I mean, after all, they're just moms!

So how many tears were shed at the 'tea'? None...but...I was close to tears for much of the afternoon! At times I was so emotional words escaped when she took my hand and guided me to my seat...when she climbed aboard my knee and snuggled in to my neck...and when she opened the hand-built jewelry box to reveal a beautiful flower brooch that she proudly announced she had created in my favourite colour - orange...or when she sang along with her classmate, the lyrics "Mom's are special, Mom's are nice."...maybe when she brought me the tissue-wrapped water painting...but mostly it was when she whispered "Happy Mother's Day" in my ear, unrehearsed, pure love.

Mother's Day was a beautiful day...Ukrainian dancing...handmade (with love) from my on Whyte Ave with my girls....the dinner the boys made while we were out...homemade greek pizza...dessert! What a beautiful day! All is well in fact that I've ordered my own version of Nie's necklace here so I can be reminded everyday of how lucky I am. What more can I ask for?

Daddy and Ava enjoying the fire...she was so disappointed the next morning when she awoke and realized she fell asleep before she could roast her marshmallows!



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  1. I love your new blog header! It's beautiful!! You were a busy bee today!! Great job T!


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