Friday, May 21, 2010

Nurturing a Kind Heart...

Today I visited Lisa Leonard (here). What a wonderful person! As I read, I thought about my first post of the 2010...Happy New Year! How am I doing with "my plans'?

Cherish little messes (and big ones alike) because my kids are healthy enough to create them...still working on this!!

Make noise for the hockey and ringette goals even when they're scored before 7 am...It's break-time from ice sports in our house - and truth be told, I mourned the end of the season! But, I was there when those goals were scored and I'll be there in a few short months when it all begins again!

Bloom where I'm planted because it's where I am right now...everyday I think about how fortunate I am to have the life I have...every single day.

Learn about Pokemon and engage in real conversation with my 10 year old in progress...Did you know that Pikachu evolves into Raichu?? Consider yourself in the know!

Laugh at spilled milk and burps at the dinner table...and there have been plenty of spills to laugh at!

Run, run faster, run farther and enjoy it...yes, yes and...usually!

Enjoy movies and quite moments with my husband...I prefer enjoying movies with my eyes closed...I'm famous for lulling off to dreamland as the opening soundtrack begins!

Celebrate strong wills and feisty personalities...everyday! At home and at school...we're working towards directing the 'will; for the good of others!

Volunteer for the sake of helping...Yes!

Shop online...ummm...of course! Lately I've focused on vintage finds and meaningful pieces, like the All is Well pieces I ordered from Crystal Beutler. to live by.

Today, tomorrow and the perfect day to think about "nurturing a grateful heart."

I'm grateful for sisters...

I'm grateful for father-son time...

I am grateful for my beautiful family...

I am grateful for curious minds...

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