Friday, April 23, 2010

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. ~Franklin P. Jones

...And by about 9:45 a.m. they had taught me that my patience-tank was dangerously low! Break out the coffee...
The children began their day off by making a plan for getting the chores done. They sketched our house, located all the messes on their map and then proceeded to help me take care of the chores. First up, last night's dishes.That's right, we leave dishes 'til the next morning around here!

Next up - bed-making courtesy of the munchkins...
Interesting strategy Kieran...I do suppose it is more fun that way!

Even Ava made her bed all by herself!

They served breakfast, restaurant style...with exquisite offerings such as toast, cereal, and coffee I was already drinking! They even took care of the dishes - but shhh, don't tell them that I sort of had to...ummm...redo their handy work!
Ava was delegated to dish-washing duty. Sometimes being the youngest has its 'downs' but, she didn't seem to mind!

I ventured out with the three of them for a visit to HomeSense. I haven't been so bold in quite a while, and now I remember why! Three children in a store full of breakable items that are too tempting not too touch - asking for trouble! We left with a mirror, a mat and some monogrammed trivets. We also left without breaking anything and we only annoyed one shopper. Well, one that we knew of!

In our family, no day off is complete without a stop at Starbucks. Passion Tea Lemonade for Ava and Kieran, white hot chocolate for Elle and a venti Pike Place Roast for mom - oh Starbucks, you make me smile!
But alas our carefree life of shopping and coffee had to end so we could prepare for dance pictures. French braids, full make-up and of course the layers of Ukrainian tapestry.
And then came the play-date...five girls in French braids and Kieran escaping to the drive way to play hockey - solo! I asked if he'd like five sisters...he smirked. I guess that's a 'no'!

And so ended ended our day. As it turns out, my patience-tank wasn't as low as I thought! Thanks kiddies for teaching me today;)

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  1. Great post! So nice to see what you are up to with those beautiful children!


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