Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring in The Rockies

Family Fun in the Rockies

Spring Break 2010 will be one to remember! We spent five days in the Rockies...five days of skiing, hot-tubbing and cousins! And cousins there were...12 in all, all 10 and under!
The cousins outside of Jasper Pizza - where we enjoyed a pizza dinner for the four birthday boys. Notice Baba and Gido in the back...they surprised us all and joined us in Jasper!

We stayed in the lovely little town of Jasper, as we do each year at this time. The crowds are small and the shops are quaint. The ski hill is perfect...a little bunny hill for our little bunny and more challenging runs for the bigger kids who are growing bigger way too quickly.

Elle enjoyed all levels of, blue and much to my dismay, even some black diamonds!

Ava perfected the art of the snow-plow...or the pizza slice! She traveled up the magic carpet and down the bunny hill over, and over, and over again!
Kieran loves the challenge of skiing...he worked on his technique and is officially a better skier than his mom! Nice work!

One day, on the way up to Marmot Basin, Ava saw a bunny...but not just any bunny...she was convinced it was the Easter Bunny! Elle was sure he was carrying a basket. We were all relieved to know that he was in the area, and so wouldn't skip us over!
Easter Sunday was our last day in Jasper and as expected the Easter Bunny paid a special visit to our hotel room! The previous day, Ava and her cousin saw a box of rocks in one of the shops. They closed their eyes, held hands and wished for the Easter Bunny to bring the rocks - and he didn't disappoint! He also left notes for each of the children - confirming that it was him that they had seen hopping through the forest on the way up to the ski hill! Confirmation that a child's instinct is to be taken seriously!
Is there anything better than chocolate first thing in the morning?

On the morning of our last day in Jasper, we visited the Bear Paw Cafe and enjoyed some homemade sticky buns, croissants, scones and of course...a bear paw!
Ava noticed chocolate eggs that had obviously been left by a certain hoppity friend - and collected as many as her little hand could hold!
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