Friday, April 9, 2010

More Inspiration from Nienie...

I have to begin by saying that I read the Nienie dialogues almost everyday and enjoy it more and more each time I do! Stephanie is such a beautiful person...and I learn from her. Today, I read her new post...oll-e-eternity and I had to do the same...

Facts about MY third-born...

Ava is small but mighty!
She has her own mind and is not afraid to share her opinions! One of her cousins thinks she's going to be Prime Minister one day!
She carries her beloved Ragelly with her wherever she goes, and has since she was about 2 1/2.
Ava loves Playmobil and Barbie and is afraid to ride a two-wheeler.
She has been known to say cute things, like; "Elle, your books are on the couch-for-one!" or "How do you find a husband, mom? Do you knock on doors until you find someone you like?" or "I don't know how to build a house, so can I live with you and dad when I'm older?"
Ava is a girlie-girl...the pinker the better!
Each night before dinner, Ava asks is she can sit beside me...and each night I say I want her to sit across from me so I can see her pretty face!
She crawls in to our bed every night without exception.
She needs to touch your face when she sleeps.
Ava is a snacker!
Ava is my baby!
Ava's interpretation of our family!

Thanks Nienie for the inspiration to write this!

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