Tuesday, January 12, 2010

While we try to teach our children all about life,

Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Yesterday my baby turned 10. Technically, he's not my baby, but he was my first baby. To be honest I had a hard time with this milestone...the welcome-to-the-double-digit year was a bit hard for me. All day, I was distracted as I thought about that little lisp he has mostly outgrown and the way he talked like an adult from the very first time he said 'mommy'!

I can remember, as though it were yesterday, the day he was born. A bitterly cold, January day in 2000. Labour was...well...laborious but that was to be expected! He was the most beautiful, chubby, content baby I had ever met...I was smitten! Two days later we brought that 9lb 7ozs bundle of joy home. Each day Joel and I enjoyed him as he slept, while he was awake, in the tub...and in our arms. He was precious...and still is!

Like most parents, we think our children are brilliant! As a young boy of 3 Kieran had a penchant for dinosaurs and enjoyed telling anyone who would listen (and even those who wouldn't!) all the facts he knew...what 'age' they were from, how large they were, were they carnivores or herbivores...how the paleontologists carry out their work. He went to Kindergarten reading and his teacher celebrated his strengths and marveled at the story he wrote about a spider...with a beginning, middle and end...a teacher's dream! I have a large box full of his cherished mementos from his Kindergarten to grade three years. All too soon we will add his grade 4 memories to that stuffed-full box.

To this day he is inquisitive and confident; quiet and content; strong and empathetic; athletic and sincere. Oh...and he's messy! He cannot place clothing in the laundry basket and his room is...hmmm...it's a disaster most days! His desk and locker at school, on the other hand, are spotless! If he can, he sleeps until noon and will not even entertain the thought of putting a strawberry in his mouth! He loves sea-food, pasta and bologna! He is a voracious reader of graphic novels, fantasy stories and fact books. He idolizes Sidney Crosby! He loves snuggles and clean-sheet day! He has beautiful olive-coloured skin and big brown eyes! He's a good big brother. He has a great sense of humour and a sensitive side. Kieran is a thinker!

Each weekend we all pull on our winter coats and mittens and head to one of any number of local rinks to take in a hockey game...not just any hockey game! One of Kieran's hockey games! Each time, his strength and skill make my heart swell! In a recent local tournament he scored 9 goals in three games and he was on top of the world! I have many videos of him weaving in and out of his opponents and sending the puck 'top-shelf' and the fans in the stands into applause. While watching those videos I learned something very valuable...I have a very high-pitched voice when I'm cheering him on! More importantly, I was reminded of the value of team sports...working together; celebrating together; losing together; playing together.

I feel so lucky to have a well-rounded son who is perfect to me!

As we live out his 10th year, I want to fondly remember all those wonderful memories, and enjoy the new ones.

Kieran has indeed taught us what life is (really) all about...

Fall 2009 - Capturing his quiet confidence!

Summer 2007 - Capturing his silly side!

Spring 2007 - Capturing his sulky-side!

January 2007 - Channeling his inner Einstein!

Victoria 2007 - Watching the Killer Whale

Surfin' in the USA - Oahu, Hawaii ~ August 2008

December 2009 - Capturing his finesse!

I'm looking forward to learning everything else he has to teach me!

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