Saturday, January 16, 2010

Guest Kieran Boyko

My son, Kieran, dictated this post to me as I typed...

I was very excited when Auntie Anna and Uncle Harpal brought over 'the tickets' on the day of the World Junior championships. At first I thought they were regular Oilers tickets until I took them and saw that it was against favourite team! I couldn't believe that they were real tickets - because the game was all sold out!
Sidney Crosby is my favourite hockey player in the whole wide world, because he's won 7 seven trophies including the Stanley Cup. He's nice off the ice (Hey...that rhymes!) and powerful on the ice. When I watch him, it makes me want to play hockey better.
At school on game day, I couldn't concentrate because I was too excited to go see Crosby! At the game, I saw him practicing and he was awesome! When the players were coming on the ice the crowd went wild! More than half the stadium was filled with Crosby jerseys! Crosby was so fast that Auntie Anna had a hard time taking pictures of him and had a few pictures of the ice he had just skated on!

In the first period, the Oilers' goalie Devon Dubnyk made a terrific save and Auntie Anna started cheering. I nudged her and said, "Don't forget what team you're cheering for!"

Edmonton was winning two-nothing for two periods and everybody thought Pittsburgh was going to lose. But, I knew they weren't because the Oilers has lost 12 games in a row! In the third period, Stall, Kennedy and Adams each scored a goal in under five minutes. Pittsburgh won the game! That was the best hockey game I ever went to!

Thank you Auntie Anna and Uncle Harpal for giving me the best birthday present ever!


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  1. That is so sweet!! Thaks for sharing your special night Kieran!


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