Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Daily...Christmas Trivia...

Best Childhood Memories:By far my dearest Christmas memories involve me lying in my bed, without rustling the sheets, gazing at the ceiling listening for the bells of Santa's sleigh! Without exception, I would doze off, after what seemed like hours and hours of silence! I would awake suddenly and bolt out of my bed and down the hall...and each year, to my surprise, Santa had filled the stockings on our sofa. The rule in our house was...we could get up as early as we wanted and we could open our stockings. Each year I would find a colouring book with new crayons and a Christmas orange nestled in the toe of my sock. When mom would wake she would get the turkey in the oven and as she worked, I knelt by the chair in the kitchen and coloured in my new book. This is one of Ava's favourite stories to hear at bedtime! Running a close second would be the handing-out of the gifts! Dad would sit in front of the tree, we would all sit in a circle around the living room, and he would distribute the gifts...being careful to ensure that everyone had one! Best Childhood gift from in my closet to this day! He brought me a Strawberry Shortcake house with a merry-go-'round - and the best part...Strawberry Shortcake, Angel Cake and Gingersnap dolls that smell!!
Favorite Christmas Cookie: Oh, so many to choose from! I think my favourite is probably peanut-butter balls. But, then there are the gingersnaps, and gingerbread babies, and caramel-pecan thumb-print cookies...fudge ecstasies and my mom's shortbread, and of course the poppy cock. Too yummy to choose one favourite! Christmas cookies have a whole new meaning for girls are big enough to make cookies on their own (almost!) my favourites are the ones they make of course!!
Icky Christmas Memory: My sister's family had the stomach flu and because I had no children yet, I volunteered to take care of them! I washed my hands until they were almost raw...but to no avail! On December 23rd, I was making truffles when a strange wave washed over my body and I felt instantly ill! I couldn't finish the truffles...and spent the next day in bed. To this day, I cannot bare the thought of eating a truffle. Boo! It's not Christmas without: Christmas concerts, cookie exchanges, family and laughter.
Christmas Pet Peeve...that people feel the need to compete with each other. Christmas is about the joy of giving and teaching my children to be generous...
Our Church Service: Long ago, Midnight mass was a big part of Christmas for me...but in recent years it has become less so.
My Favorite Christmas CD: By far my favourite is the soundtrack from The Island of the Misfit Toys featuring Burl Ives. A recent favourite is a winter compilation I purchased at Starbucks last features such groups as The Beach Boys!
Real or Fake: Real and fake! Our main tree in our living room is real...but the kids each have a 'fake' tree in their rooms and we have a couple others around the house.
I spend Christmas Baba and Gido's surrounded by the heat of the fire, the family and delicious home-made Ukrainian food! Much to the chagrin of at least one of my children, Santa visits and distributes the gifts that his elves have made especially for each of Baba and Gido's grandchildren! That chaos is followed by the kids gift exchange! The children play with their new toys and the adults share some 'cheer'!

his post was inspired by the lovely & talented Angie over at echoes of laughter.