Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallow's Eve...

...seems to be a season in our house! It begins sometime after we settle into the back-to-school routine and ends promptly on 11-01 and so today marks the end of this season. As I look back over the last weeks I'm fondly reminded of all the little moments that add up to memories the kids will one day share with their own little witches and goblins!
Each little nook and cranny of our little home is adorned with something festive or fiendish. Pumpkins grace cake stands and sit atop wicker baskets, pumpkin-people hide within the berries of the my wreaths and pumpkin-spice candles fill the air with their spicy scent. The rich fall colours make the house feel cozy and warm, almost daring winter to set in! Ava enjoying a Halloween craft in her play nook - with her little friend tucked under her arm!

The kids made Halloween bracelets-a-plenty and served up some devilish dinners in their play nook.

As always, Halloween extended beyond the walls of our home and into the school-lives of the kids. My kids signed me up to make cupcakes for their class Halloween events...I took it upon myself to interpret the word cupcakes to mean 'cake pops' - a special thanks to Bakerella for the ideas and perfect instructions and tips! The results were...well, you be the judge...

These two-eyed purple people eaters and their one-eyed friends were my favourite!

The treats were certainly a hit...and if you've ever visited bakerella's blog you know that the possibilities are endless...I think there may be some winter cake pops in our future!

I love when Halloween falls on a weekend...the mood is so much more relaxed and so tasks like carving jack-o-lanterns can be savoured and enjoyed. Elle and Ava rolled up their sleeves and set to work...Kieran to this day, has not touched the inside of a pumpkin!
The results were as individual as each of my kids!
Elle's ghoulish gal...

Kieran's scary squash...

Ava's grinning gourd.

Halloween Day is the grande-finale! This year the kids celebrated by inviting friends and cousins to go trick-or-treating around our neighbourhood...they had a spooktacular time! The dads braved the cool weather and the mom's chit-chatted around the kitchen table. What a nice way to celebrate the end of the season. Kieran...still costumeless two days before the big event...pulled it all together in a hurry! He makes a fiend-looking vampire if I do say so myself! Perhaps he could 'brush' up a little on the dental hygiene!
Ready to set out...pillow cases in tow!

And so marks the end of the Halloween season...and brings forth the beginning of the Christmas far my favourite time of the year!