Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clothes make a statement...

...Costumes tell a story. ~Mason Cooley

In previous posts I've mentioned that Ragelly is the sixth member of our family and have given photographic proof! Earlier this month, Kieran and I ventured out in search of a Star Wars costume for the big day. Much to his disappointment we came home empty-handed. Well, almost empty handed! In his search, Kieran came across what he described as "the perfect costume for Ava." I have to agree...what do you think?
This costume tells a story indeed! One day, it will be carefully boxed and tucked away along with beloved day, a long time from now!

Many nights over the past few weeks, as I lay with Elle before she travels off to dreamland, we've 'discussed' possible costumes for her. Witch? No! Even if the skirt lights up? No! Princess? Definitely not! Butterfly? No! Hannah Montana? No! A boy? No! A baby? No! A ringette player? No! A Cowgirl?...Well, Elle, a cowgirl? Yes! That's it...a cowgirl! At long last, we have a decision!
This picture tells the story of a little girl who likes to be known as anything but a 'girl'...except maybe a COWGIRL!

With one week to go...Kieran remains costumeless...but it will come, I know it will. I foresee a few 'discussions' with him as he falls off to la-la-land...A Jedi? Maybe! A Clone Trooper? No! A girl? No! A hockey player? No! A mummy? Maybe? Scream? Not again! Hmmm...what story will he tell? Only time will tell!
Enjoying a night out at Hole's Pumpkin Patch.

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