Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Adventures of 'Ragelly'...

Wow! Two posts in one day...I'm on fire!
I vowed earlier today to prove that Ava's beloved Ragells...Ragelly...Ragelly her what you indeed the 6th member of our family! I present to you...the photographic proof!
She's with us for birthdays, trips to Baba's and Gido's, trips to the farm, first days of school, every day of school, Christmas, snuggle time, bath time, picture time. She's there for doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, flu shots and scraped knees.
She comes boating with us, shopping with us, skiing with us...and for coffee with us! She's camped with us and travelled to Hawaii with us...she is part of our family!

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  1. tee cute. sophie and i enjoyed the pictures of Ava and Raggelly. they made sophie giggle!!


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