Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Adventures of 'Ragelly'...

Wow! Two posts in one day...I'm on fire!
I vowed earlier today to prove that Ava's beloved Ragells...Ragelly...Ragelly her what you indeed the 6th member of our family! I present to you...the photographic proof!
She's with us for birthdays, trips to Baba's and Gido's, trips to the farm, first days of school, every day of school, Christmas, snuggle time, bath time, picture time. She's there for doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, flu shots and scraped knees.
She comes boating with us, shopping with us, skiing with us...and for coffee with us! She's camped with us and travelled to Hawaii with us...she is part of our family!

My favourite time of year!

Autumn is my favourite time of year! The colours, the crisp, cool air, the dark morning drives to work...decorating for Halloween...cozying up on the couch with the knit throws and the kids and a good book...the list goes on and on!

This past weekend
, my family and I headed out to Fort Edmonton Park to take a trip into the past. It was beautiful. Watching the kids and their cousins play with the golden leaves falling in the background made me smile! It was a beautiful day! I took the time to think about how lucky we are to have each be able to enjoy days like these TOGETHER!

We used the beautifully recreated era buildings as a backdrop for our annual fall photo shoot. I have to say that I think the photos are amazing! My brother-in-law took the family photos and Joel and I tried our hands with the new camera...not bad if I do say so myself!

My eldest, and only son, can be very silly - in fact, most pictures I have of him consist of some distortion of his face!! For these
pictures though, he looks pensive, grown-up...and handsome! Some of these will most certainly be found hanging in our family room.

When we arr
ived at the park, a trip to the local confectionery was in order. The kids ordered their favourite ice cream and enjoyed it right down to the last lick! I'd like to draw your attention to our sixth family member...grasped tightly under Ava's forearm! She goes everywhere with us...if you don't believe me...just watch and see;)

My grown-up! Thinking about something in this photo (undoubtedly ringette - and when she can play next!) So beautiful...this too will also grace our family room walls.

Sisters Forever!

Ava and Thumper as she so lovingly called him! She was smitten!

Days like this are meant to be cherished! This one will be fondly remembered everyday when we look at the photos hanging on our walls and remember how lucky we are to have each other! T.