Monday, August 17, 2009

Ten Minutes to Spare

My dad turned 70 last week and to celebrate, we hosted a party. Guess who was in charge of the cake?!
It's always a challenge for me to create cakes that are masculine-looking. It's easy to put flowers and ribbon on a cake...but something masculine...hmmm.
My original plan, because my dad is a farmer, was to border each of the three tiers with barbed-wire crafted from fondant icing and then to write his initials on the middle tier. The more I thought about it...and as I quickly ran out of precious time...I realized that I had to change that plan.
With time ticking I rummaged through my jar of ribbon and to my delight came across silver and green ribbon...all with different widths and textures. First problem solved!
The tiers were draped with fondant and were stacked...each layer was bordered with ribbon and with 45 minutes to pick up time...I headed to the florist...
The planets must have been aligned because in less that 10 minutes I found perfect orchids and the florist included some curly twigs and wire...35 minutes to pick up time and I'm on my way back home.
I quickly created some clusters of orchids and curly twigs and placed them on the cake...

10 minutes to pick up time and...tada....
As the cake headed on down my street I began the process of tidying up my very messy kitchen and I began to think...and here is what I came up with.
As far as the creative process goes, here's what I know about myself...
  • I work best under pressure.
  • No matter how hard I try, I am a very messy baker;)
  • The finished product (unless I have a picture to go by) rarely resembles my original plan.
  • I still haven't perfected the art of flawless fondant...but I will!
  • Ribbon is forgiving!
  • Orchids are the perfect embellishment.
  • I can always find something in each creation that makes me smile...and that's why I do it;)

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  1. I love this cake!! Once again, you outdid yourself!! Simple elegance to perfection!


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