Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have your cake and...

The original idea behind creating this blog was to document my journey in the cake decorating realm...and so I begin today! That explains the address of this

Recently, I thought seriously about creating business cards to pass along to clients with my cakes and cupcakes. In the process, I ran the name 'Cakealicious' by some trusted colleagues in the hall. Their response - uncomfortable looks flashed at each other coupled with long pauses - told me that was not the way to go! And so...Just Cakes was born!

I'm not even sure when or how it all began...perhaps at my son's first birthday, maybe his second, perhaps Elle's first birthday...I can't be sure of the exact time when I decided that decorating cakes was the perfect creative outlet for me. What I can be sure of is this...if one day this passion, takes over the passion that currently supplies the paycheck...I'd be in my creative glory! Not that I don't love teaching...because I do!

One day, not that long ago, a friend sent me a link to Amy Atlas's website...and all I could think was I want to be HER! She is amazing! Now, I'm clearly not Amy Atlas...but one day, I'd like to be able to create edible masterpieces that send shivers down the spine of those who see them. I want to develop precision in craftsmanship that surpasses any cake you can purchase at the corner grocery store. The process continues, and will for as long as it takes!

One of the most rewarding aspects of creating cakes for special occasions, is making someone feel special. The people I choose to surround myself with, do this for me...everyday. The best part...they don't know they're doing it!

My sister had me create this cake for one of her dear this day, it remains one of my favourites!

There's nothing quite like the feelings surrounding the birth of your first child. I created this cake for a baby shower...
And this...for another sister's surprise 40th birthday!
I created these cupcakes for a very special friend's mom...
So begins the process of reflecting on my creative day I hope to look back on this as the start of something amazing!


  1. Your cakes are beautiful!!! But what people can't see in the picture is how seriously GOOD they taste!!!


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